eCycle Registration

The eCycle Registration application is a central location for electronics manufacturers to register their company with the states they have enacted e-waste legislation.  The goal of eCycle Registration is to simplify the registration process for manufacturers and give them one central place to view the requirements concerning registration under electronics recycling laws in each state..  It is also intended to simplify the process for state agency representatives responsible for implementing electronics recycling laws by consolidating various duplicated registration forms, and decreasing the time and effort on the part of each state to track down the appropriate manufacturer contact.

The Problems

The Electronics Recycling Coordination Clearinghouse (ERCC) identified the eCycle registration application to be at the forefront of efforts to bring together state agencies implementing electronics recycling laws and the impacted stakeholders. A central repository was needed for manufacturers to register in all states with an e-waste law, and for state agencies to review and administer the manufacturer registrations.

The Solutions

Leelyn Solutions provided the prototype and demonstrated for multiple state admins and US EPA


Leelyn Solutions has been great to work with. Any changes that we have needed to the ecycleregistration system were completed on time and in a professional manner.
Steve Noble, ,